Check Out These 10 Useful Fat Loss Truths No One Is Tellling You About

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10 Fat Loss Truths No One Is Telling You About!
The following is an excerpt, Click here to download the full Free Fat Loss Truths ebook guide!

This relatively short weight loss report will probably not be like any other weight loss guide you may have read before. This report is different.

You’re probably wondering, “How is it different?”

For starters, there is barely any sugar coating in this report. You will not find any ridiculously bold statements such as “Lose 10 pounds in 7 days!” or “Shed your fat in 5 easy minutes a day!”

Nope… It’s not going to happen. The weight loss pills sold on infomercials and sitting comfortably on the health store shelves are not going to work either.

Weight loss is not easy. Whatever you may have heard, rest assured that it is not easy. If losing weight was easy and came in a bottle, obesity would not have reached epidemic proportions.

The concepts of weight loss are very simple. Everybody knows that you just need to eat less and exercise more. We all know the foods that are best avoided. We also know the wholesome foods that we’re supposed to eat.

We know all that but we don’t do it. The spirit is willing but the flesh is often weak. The sacrifices, the effort, the waiting for slow results… it all seems too much. Finally, the towel is thrown in and we accept our fate that we were born to be fat.

This is a very common scenario that millions of people experience.

Despite the fact that millions give up on their weight loss quest, it’s not all gloom and doom. There is a sliver of hope. If you digest the pointers in this report, you will be well-prepared for the weight loss journey that lies ahead.

It is also worth noting that this report is just a primer to give you a head start and make you aware of what mistakes most people make in regards to weight loss.

Ideally, you will want to get solid, in-depth information and guidance to help you shed the pounds quickly. There are several bestselling weight loss guides sold online such as the 3 Week Diet program which have helped thousands in their journey. You might want to give these programs a try.

Are you ready for a wake-up call? You are? Excellent! Read on.

The Hard Truths You MUST Know!

10 Fat Loss Truths No One Is Telling You About!
Click here to download the full Free Fat Loss Truths ebook guide!

Truth #1

It’s NOT always easy. Once you understand this truth, the rest of the journey will be more bearable. Many people quit because they do not see results fast enough. They work their butts off for two weeks and expect all their flab to miraculously vaporize.

When it doesn’t happen, they get depressed and feel like their efforts have been in vain.

It is difficult. Sticking to a diet and eating right when your body craves junk food is a torture. Training on days when you’re totally not in the mood for exercise, requires herculean will-power. It’s tough.

Yet, it’s par for the course.

The number one New Year resolution is to lose weight and get in shape. Most people feel excited and actually believe that this time they can do it. By January 20, more than 90% have given up on this resolution.


They quit because they thought it would be easy. Once the diet and training start becoming mundane and the initial excitement wanes, reality sets in. They realize it is no fun at all. So, they quit.

Tip: If you’re about to embark on a weight loss quest, tell yourself that it’s going to be tough as hell. Lose any unrealistic expectations that you may have. Always remember, it’s going to be hard… but you’re going to do it hard and succeed!

Truth #2

Losing weight takes time. Nowadays, we live in a world of instant updates, text messaging, Instagram, etc. Everything is fast and people expect no less.

Your body however, does not follow society’s pace of life. Your body follows its own internal schedule and can’t give two hoots about how desperate you are to see results fast.

It will take its time and burn off the fat. Forget what the magazines say about getting a beach body in 2 months. If you look like a beached whale, it’s going to take you much longer. It could even be 9 months before you reach the body you desire.

You have to be in this for the long haul.

The average person is able to lose about 1% of their bodyweight per week. This is a reasonable goal to aim for. If this 1% equates to about 2 pounds, then you can expect to lose 2 pounds a week.

If you’re 40 pounds overweight, you’re looking at a 20 week stretch. Are you ready for that?

Or were you expecting to be ripped in 3 weeks?

Tempering your expectations and actually getting an idea of how long it will take is imperative to succeeding in your weight loss journey. Most people give up too soon because they expect fast results.

If you know that it will take you about 5 months to get to your desired bodyweight, you will be less likely to short-change yourself and give up in week 3.

Sometimes it can be demoralising to see how long it takes. If you’ve calculated how long it will take and see that it may take you 7 months to reach your goal, you may think that it’s just too long.

Here’s a question you should ask yourself… “Why does it matter how long it takes?”

Earl Nightingale, once said, “Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.

These are wise words to remember.

Tip: Multiply your bodyweight by 0.01. That’s how much weight you can expect to lose a week. Some weeks you may lose more, some weeks less. On average, it will even out at 1%.

Then calculate how long it will take to reach your ideal body weight. Now that you know, tell yourself that you’ll be in this for the full stretch. Finish what you start and do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Truth #3

You can’t exercise away a bad diet.

Exercise is difficult. Eating is easy.

All that running, lifting, skipping, gasping and panting is tiring. It’s hard work. Most people assume that since it’s such hard work, the benefits will be immense. That means they can be lax with their diet.

The truth is that a 10 minute meal can undo an hour long workout. This is a fact that you must wrap your head around.

You may burn about 400 calories from a moderately intense 45 minute cardio session.

However, if you eat 2 slices of pizza, you would have consumed about 500 calories. You have actually consumed more calories than you burned and you did it in 10 minutes without any effort.

That essentially means that you have negated the efforts of an entire workout. So many people don’t realize this. They keep exercising and wonder why the fat is not coming off. Now you know why.

Tip: Always be aware of the calories you’re consuming. You do not have to obsess over it but you must know if you are at a daily caloric deficit. This is the cornerstone of successful weight loss.

10 Fat Loss Truths No One Is Telling You About!
The following is an excerpt, Click here to download the full Free Fat Loss Truths ebook guide!

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