Dedicate – A 30 Day Yoga Journey


The 2 Week Diet

You are invited to join me and people all over the world to practice, for 30 Days.

Get ready to transform tired energy into useful energy! Invite change, beckon growth, and discover your own unique rhythm.

Work your body, open your mind, and return to your heart.

You’ll get a workout, you’ll gain awareness.

Be prepared to not only see, but feel massive results.

Practice paying attention building muscle cultivating joint stability improving body function increasing clarity of mind stimulating stagnant energy resolving stress tuning into your natural rhythm relaxing enjoying having fun

It’s free. All of it. No catch. No expiration date. Go to to read all the details, dedicate and SIGN UP!

Share with your friends and family over the holiday! Get everyone involved! The more people practicing yoga, the better.

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