Members Vlog – November 2018


The 2 Week Diet

After returning home and taking some time to settle back in and process the epic 7 weeks in Europe for the EU Roadshow, your members Vlog is here! This special members only video is a wrap-up of the Roadshow and includes many behind the scene images. Watch closely, you might see yourself or a friend! Be sure to leave a comment on the vlog and let us know if you saw yourself.

And… speaking of comments, it is my intention moving forward to grow the conversation we are having in the monthly vlog comment section on the membership as a focused place where we can engage in richer conversations or just check in each month. Sarah and I will be replying to comments on the vlog each month. So let’s chat! Drop a line and say hi, or tell us where you’re from, or maybe share a memory of yours from the Roadshow.

Another place for good conversation is the free FWFG Kula. If you aren’t in there yet, I encourage you to get in there. It’s an incredible place.

It is my intention that the membership and the FWFG Kula come together and work hand in hand as brother-sister platforms where we can connect and engage in meaningful conversations. If you are not in there yet, click here and request an invitation to join the free FWFG Kula.

ALSO! Be sure to snag your members only discount code from the Vlog! As an FWFG member, you get 20% off all year long. You just need your monthly code, found in the vlogs, at check out.

PLUS! I am so excited to share that we heard what you had to say about the difficulties with ordering in the EU (as well as your desire for PayPal options and more size options) and we have been working hard to create a better experience for you.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the YWA POP UP SHOP!

This is available to everyone, not just UK/EU! Dear friends in the US, this is for you too.

To clarify: Your regular FWFG Shop is still kicking… but now you have another option too.



The POP UP SHOP was designed with you in mind! A response to all of your requests! To celebrate, we are bringing back the first ever Yoga With Adriene T-Shirt design! The original FWFG Gym design, reborn!

I hope you enjoy this recap of the Roadshow and the behind the scenes shots. It was a lot of fun to look back and remember all the little (and big) special moments from the Roadshow. Meeting and sharing a practice in person with so many of you was truly incredible.

Jai namaste!
Adriene and the FWFG team

PS: I am preparing to shoot the 2019 30 Days of Yoga series! I can’t wait to share it with you!!

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